Midwife Kjersti offers the following courses:

Birthpreparation class

A lot of questions arise when you are expecting a baby. I am the only midwife in Bergen holding birth preparing classes in english. These classes are normally attended by 4-8 couples, and I have to say they are always the best. Good interaction in the classes and some even get friends they meet up with later after the children are born,

But; the most important thing is to prepare you for birth and the first time after. Working at Kvinneklinikken I have learned that most couples know how the baby comes out, but on the other hand I find that many couples are not mentally prepared for the hard work labour is. So I focus a lot on how to think and say the right things as the labour starts.

We talk about pain relief, breathing exercises, and more. We also visit Kvinneklinikken ( 30-60 min) so you easier can see what to expect there.

I also talk about routines, and what happens after the baby is born too. Hopefully you will feel better prepared after a class like this.

We start at 5 pm and finish 9.30. The price is Nok 1200,- pr couple. Coffee, tea and fruits are complementary. You pay at the class with card (preferably)

Breastfeeding class

Breastfeeding classes in english are normalyheld on request, but have a look at the kursoversikt to see if there is a class available.

Here we spend two hrs talking about the most normal challenges regarding breastfeeding. The classes are held in my office at Bredalsmarken and I am proud to say that both the attendees feel well prepared for breastfeeding, and colleagues tell that the feel the women are better prepared.

i also sell Meddles breast pumps in my office to a very good price. You can also find breastfeeding pads in both wool and bamboo in my office.