Prenatal checkup

Prenatal checkup

Hi, and welcome to my website.

I am Midwife Kjersti, and I have worked as a private practicing midwife since 2008. I was educated midwife in jan 2000.

I work at Kvinneklinikken in Bergen and have my little company on the side.

Pregnancy checkups are different in Norway than you will find in many other countries. The national guidelines tell that you can choose if you want a midwife or doctor to follow you up during the pregnancy. I can refer you to the regular ultrasound, take bloodsamples, all you need during the pregnancy. The biggest difference if you choose a midwife is that we tend to have much better time for you. As a private midwife I choose when I keep my office open, and together we find out when you want to see me. There is a minimum of check ups,

The first check up normal around week 12, but if you want to see me earlier you are welcome to do that. Then we follow up with check ups week 24-28-32-36-38 and 40. If you want to see me more often- no problem.

Your partner is welcome to join you too, but I normally would like to have one appointment alone with the pregnant.

I do not do ultrasound, but if you want to have extra ultrasound check ups I know where you can go. In Norway it is only required with one in week 18-19, and I will refer you to this one. (This ultrasound check up is done at Kvinneklinikken and is free of charge)

I regulary host birth preparing classes in English. They are 4,5 hrs, and includes a visit to Kvinneklinkken in Bergen. I can promise you that they will get you better prepared for what to expect, and in the classes I focus a lot on the mental part of giving birth.

So why choose to see me? I can only tell that I put my heart into my work, and I can promise you that you will have a midwife who is there for you. You will not see a different midwife or doctor at each check up.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call me.

  • Dette feltet er for valideringsformål og skal stå uendret.


The first consult:

( 1 hr )

  • Fill out your healthcare (helsekort for gravide)
  • I will give you info about food, health, exercise and other pregnancy related issues.
  • Refer you to the ultrasound examination at Kvinneklinikken week 18-19
  • Check your bloodpreasure
  • Check urin.
  • TI will take the blood samples required
  • If possible we will listen to the babys heartbeats
  • But most of all, go through your questions and worries.
  • Partner most welcome to this appointment.
  • I do however like to have the pregnant ladies alone for one of the check ups througt the pregnancy.

Following consults :

(30 min)

  • Week 24-28-32-36-38-40
  • Check urin and bloodpreasure.
  • Sjekker urinen.
  • listen to the heartbeats of the fetus(baby)
  • Check babys position ( from week 32-36)
  • Make sure the baby is growing as expeckted.
  • Blood samples when needed
  • Information about fetal movements, and answering your questions.
  • Birth and breastfeeding preparations!

Birthpreparation class

Birthpreparation class

A lot of questions arise when you are expecting a baby. I am the only midwife in Bergen holding birth preparing classes in english. These classes are normally attended by 4-8 couples, and I have to say they are always the best. Good interaction in the classes and some even get friends they meet up with later after the children are born,

But; the most important thing is to prepare you for birth and the first time after. Working at Kvinneklinikken I have learned that most couples know how the baby comes out, but on the other hand I find that many couples are not mentally prepared for the hard work labour is. So I focus a lot on how to think and say the right things as the labour starts.

We talk about pain relief, breathing exercises, and more. We also visit Kvinneklinikken ( 30-60 min) so you easier can see what to expect there.

I also talk about routines, and what happens after the baby is born too. Hopefully you will feel better prepared after a class like this.

We start at 5 pm and finish 9.30. The price is Nok 1200,- pr couple. Coffee, tea and fruits are complementary. You pay at the class with card (preferably)



Comming classes : K

Breastfeeding class

Breastfeeding class


Breastfeeding classes in english are normalyheld on request, but have a look at the kursoversikt to see if there is a class available.

Here we spend two hrs talking about the most normal challenges regarding breastfeeding. The classes are held in my office at Bredalsmarken and I am proud to say that both the attendees feel well prepared for breastfeeding, and colleagues tell that the feel the women are better prepared.

i also sell Meddles breast pumps in my office to a very good price. You can also find breastfeeding pads in both wool and bamboo in my office.